Cuba Recognizes Importance of Arthroscopy Event

Ciego de Avila, Cuba May 4.- Swiss expert, Peter Buess, has acknowledged here that arthroscopy courses, developed in this city, are a bridge for the exchange of experience between European and Cuban specialists.

Orthopedic from different nations, including from other continents, have come to the island for more than one decade to offer their knowledge and skills on the new technique to correct joint ailment, he said.

Ciego de Avila, about 430 kilometers of Havana, hosts in these days the 13th International Symposium of Arthroscopy, attended by orthopedists from Switzerland, Austria, France, Canada, Puerto Rico and Cuba.

Issues such as Clinical examination of the patella in patients, Shoulder ultrasound, Knee and shoulder arthroscopy, Practical workshop in models and Value of ultrasound in the study of knee pathologies, were discussed during the course-presymposium.

Also on the list are Correlation of imaging studies and arthroscopy in knee injuries, Ecographic evaluation of the anatomy and rotator cuff injuries and Diagnostic correlation between ultrasound and arthroscopy in the rupture of that part of the shoulder.

Clinical sessions are held today at the event, scheduled until May 6th at the “Antonio Luaces Iraola” provincial hospital. They will assess three patients with glenohumeral instability and will give several keynote speeches on the issue. (PL)

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