Cuba receives 14 solidarity assistance flights to douse fire in Matan

Matanzas, Cuba, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) 14 solidarity assistance flights from Venezuela and Mexico arrived at Cuba´s Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport in the attempt to put out a large-scale fire in the industrial zone of Matanzas city.

According to a TV broadcast, as many as 127 experts from specialized brigades have arrived in Cuba, 48 of them are Venezuelans and 79 Mexicans. Out of the 14 flights, 10 come from Mexico and four from Venezuela.

The TV broadcast also noted that all chemicals, fire-fighting foams, hose systems, water pumps, among other instruments used to douse the fire have arrived at this airport.

The Deputy Transportation Minister Roberto Ricardo Marrero, on the other hand, heaped praise on domestic carriers´ efforts to provide assistance.

Ricardo Marrero pointed out they are conducting an in-depth work with the Transportation Ministry (MITRANS, in Spanish), Cuba Petróleo Company and other organizations in order to speed up receptions and subsequent transfer of donations, a process that can be completed in two-hour time.

Marrero also announced that a new donation flight from Mexico is expected to arrive tonight.

Cuba has so far received 22 donation flights from governments, institutions and solidarity groups to face a large-scale fire at Matanzas oil storage tanks.


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