Cuba reaffirms the right to defend its sovereignty


Havana, Nov 11 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez reaffirmed today the right of his country to defend itself from the aggressions of the United States, in the face of a subversive attack disguised as an internal peaceful march.

In his Twitter profile, the highest representative of the island’s diplomacy stated: The Cuban government cannot, without failing to fulfill its fundamental obligations, allow the United States to organize and promote destabilizing provocation. “We have said it clearly and directly to his government, publicly and through diplomatic channels,” he added.

The day before, Rodríguez denounced the participation of senior White House officials and other US political figures in the call for the alleged march for November 15 in Cuba.

Before the diplomatic corps accredited in Havana, he affirmed that this mobilization is driven by what he called internal agents recruited, financed and organized by the Government of that power.

Faced with the insistence to carry out the march, unauthorized by the island’s authorities, and the threats from representatives of the United States government to intensify the sanctions against this Caribbean nation, the Cuban diplomat reaffirmed the will of his country to defend its sovereignty, internal order and peace.

He pointed out that the purpose of Washington is to harm the economic and social reopening, as well as the start of the classroom school year and the reactivation of tourist activity, scheduled for that day.

He pointed out that the authorities of the northern nation intend to show Cuba as a failed state in line with their approach designed to try to legitimize the intensification of its economic, commercial and financial blockade against the island.


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