Cuba Reaffirms Commitment to Human Rights

Havana, Jan 14 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez reaffirmed on Monday Cuba’s commitment to human rights through Twitter.

Cuba successfully fulfilled its participation in the Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in 2018. An acknowledgement of our country’s positive performance in human rights and a ratification of our commitment to this cause, he posted in @BrunoRguezP.

Cuba, on May 16, 2018, reached the Human Rights UPR with advances and achievements recognized worldwide in health, education, culture and participation in international governing instruments on this issue.

During the past five years, the stage on which Cuba reported in the UPR in Geneva, there have been several achievements.

For example, it reached in 2017 the lowest infant mortality rate in its history, 4.0 per 1,000 live births, a figure exhibited by few countries in the world.

It was also declared by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as one of the 15 states in the world to implement basic policies to ensure good brain development of children.

The periodic review is a mechanism to which 193 UN member states are equally subject, and marks to a large extent the difference between the Human Rights Council and the Commission of the same name.

Cuba was previously presented in February 2009 and May 2013, and in its last presentation it received 292 recommendations, out of which it accepted 230, took note of around 40 and rejected some 20, since the latter were demands in accordance with the meddling and regime change policy sponsored by the United States against the country.

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