Cuba reaffirmed continuity of ties with Cubans abroad

Cuba reaffirmed continuity of ties with Cubans abroad

United Nations, Sep 26 (Prensa Latina) Cuba reaffirmed its willingness to continue strengthening ties with its residents abroad, the island’s foreign minister, Bruno Rodríguez, said today.

In a tweet, the head of the Antillean nation’s diplomacy referred to a meeting in this city with groups of Cuban emigrants and thanked them for their contribution in donations and medical supplies for the fight against Covid-19 on the island and their condemnation of the blockade.

Rodríguez, who participates in the debates of the 76th UN General Assembly, held exchanges with members of the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in the United States, to whom he expressed the gratitude of his people for their efforts in raising funds and sending six million syringes in support of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

In those meetings, the Foreign Minister highlighted the active role in solidarity of these groups, calling for an end to the inhumane Washington blockade against his country, which is rejected by the majority of the international community.

Rodríguez Parrilla also held exchanges the day before in New York with Americans who support the lifting of the blockade on the island, the end of the sanctions and the improvement of relations between both countries.

The friendly talks and via webinar with representatives of the U.S. National Council of Churches of Christ, a congregation that maintains a genuine long-standing friendly relationship with the National Council of Churches of Cuba, said the Foreign Minister.

During the virtual exchange, the participants discussed the current Cuban reality, the confrontation with Covid-19 and the immunization process that is carried out with their own vaccines, as well as the obstacles caused by the blockade during the fight against the pandemic.

At the meeting, which was attended by members of this and other religious organizations, the obstacles represented by the current United States policy towards Cuba by limiting travel and exchange between the two countries were recognized.

American Jim Winkler ratified the will to continue strengthening the friendship and religious ties that unite both nations, as well as condemning the siege imposed by Washington on Cuba for more than six decades.

Winkler also referred to the letters sent to the administration of President Joe Biden, where different churches expressed their request for the elimination of sanctions, the lifting of the siege and the improvement of bilateral relations based on mutual respect.

The National Council of Churches of Christ in the United States, made up of 38 different religious denominations, expressed its position against this cruel and inhumane policy more than 50 years ago with the first public statement in 1968.


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