Cuba Ratifies Notable Reduction of Congenital Malformations

ultrasonido-cuba[1]Havana, Cuba, Jan 8.- In 2014, Cuba maintained the figure achieved the previous year of 0.9 deaths due to congenital malformations per every 1,000 live births, which ratifies the country among those with the lowest infant mortality rate for this cause in the world, asserted on Wednesday an expert in this capital.

Doctor of Sciences Beatriz Marcheco, director of the National Center of Medical Genetics, told ACN that this was possible thanks to the prevention of hereditary congenital defects during pregnancy and at birth, neonatal investigation of genetic diseases and their multidisciplinary attention.

She highlighted that this achievement was possible not only due to pregnancy interruptions, but also to preventive actions to identify risks early.

Doctor Roberto Alvarez, director of the Mother-Child Program (PAMI) of the Public Health Ministry, pointed out that 21 percent of the total of deaths in children of less than one year of age was motivated by congenital defects and genetic diseases. (acn).

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