Cuba: Promoting Equality as a Right and Not an Opportunity

Cuba is an example and guide to promote equality in Latin America as a right and not as an opportunity, said Jorge Mattar, director of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC).

In an exclusive interview with the Cuban News Agency (ACN), Mattar, director of the Latin American and Caribbean Institute of Economic and Social Planning of CELAC noted that despite the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States, Cuba has a revolutionary process allowing equivalence and sovereignty of its people.

He explained that Cuban economic model has conceived a society with high level of education and low inequality, and for CELAC those are two key features of development.

Cuba has gone a long way in building a wide and influential educational system

In this regard he considered that Cuba has gone a long way in building a wide and influential educational system, and that’s part of the essential ingredient in the progress of nations, he said.

Máttar noted that next year CELAC will hold a regional workshop-course in Cuba, in order to promote equality and combat the differences between Latin American and Caribbean nations.

The manager stated that the island was chosen for being a country where everyone has equal access and rights to the benefits of the Revolution.

He added that CELAC´s main objective is to considerably mitigate extreme poverty, achieve full and productive employment, make healthcare  accessible  to everyone and reduce hunger in the region.

The training workshop intends to ensure that the realities of the different countries are represented in CELAC so that the organization can be familiar with the different territorial dynamics of member countries, said Máttar.

Today Latin America is facing an international scenario of slow economic-trade growth and in a globalized world this strongly impacts on the development of countries, he said.


Cuban News Agency
July 11 2014

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