Cuba promotes development of renewable energy sources

Cuba is focused on increasing its development of renewable energy sources, a topic being discussed today at the First International Convention and Exhibition of Cuban Industry.

According to specialists, the use of renewable energies is being emphasized in order to achieve sustainable development, since the savings and improved efficiency are essential to Cuba saving millions of dollars on its oil imports.

Five percent of the energy in Cuba is derived from renewable sources, and of this, nearly 90 percent comes from sugarcane biomass, according to studies.

Hydro, wind and solar also stand among the top sources of alternative energy in the Caribbean nation.

Right now, wind is one of the most dynamic. There are about four fields of this type that are relatively small and another is being built in the eastern province of Las Tunas, significant for its planned contribution of more than 30 megawatts of capacity.

In promoting these sources, foreign investment is also important, always implemented in such a way as to obtain the most out of each finalized agreement while respecting national sovereignty.

The event, held at the Convention Center in Havana and at the PABEXPO fairgrounds culminates this Friday after five working days.

Representatives from 29 nations and more than 200 foreign companies attended the meeting.


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