Cuba Presents New Tobacco Cigar Line

The international corporation Habanos S. A. announced the presentation of a new brand, this time under the name of Habanos Añejados. An official communique by Habanos S. A. said these are Premium tobacco cigars, hand-made, which have been aged in Cuba in perfect state of preservation, for a minimum of five years, allowing them nuances and complexity without losing its characteristics.

The concept is presenting two new variants: Romeo y Julieta Pirámides Añejados and Montecristo Churchills Añejados, the note said.

The presentation of the aged concept is performed with two sets: Romeo y Julieta Pyramides Añejados, (girth or diameter of 52 x 156 mm long) and Montecristo Churchills (girth 47 x 178 mm long).

Both are new references and are presented as a Special Edition in limited quantities and in a single launch.

In both cases, they went through a process of maturing in five to eight years, says the report.

With the aging process, the snuff evolves becoming rounder and palatable, getting notes of delicate sweet taste and, above all, nuanced wood-like flavor, according to experts.

Habanos Anejados are sold in their original boxes.

Their current presentation is in a common box, with two rings and an outer stick with the legend Anejados and vitolina in which the concept is explained.

In the bottom of the box smokers can check the twisting date of the cigars.

An additional stamp with the word Revised is added, as 100 percent of the boxes are opened and checked individually.

Romeo y Julieta Pyramides Anejados and Montecristo Churchills Anejados will be available at retail outlets worldwide during the first quarter of 2015, the statement concluded.

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