Cuba Presents Economic Plan for 2015

Cuban council of ministers meeting.

Cuba is anticipating four percent growth next year.

Cuban Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Marino Murillo Jorge has presented the Economic Plan for 2015 to the Council of Ministers. It outlines stronger growth in 2015.

“Next year the Cuban economy will continue to progress despite the blockade, external financial constraints and the international situation,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The plan intends to direct resources towards key sectors such as manufacturing, construction, trade, agriculture and forestry among others while maintaining basic social services.

“By 2015 an increase of the GDP by slightly over 4% is projected, whereby the previous rates and slower trend of recent years are reversed,” expressed Murillo.

The Cuban government expects 2014 growth of 1.3 percent.

Cuba also expects to increase exports of flour, soybeans, wheat and potatos in 2015.

Regarding employment and wages, Murillo explained that the minimum wage grew by 9.1 percent, thanks to increased income from health and sports industries as well as foreign investment in the last quarter. The government will attempt to maintain similar trends in 2015.

teleSUR, December 1, 2014

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