Cuba Presents Blogging Platform

The blogging platform REFLEJOS (Reflections) can be used by all users connected to the Cuban internal network, said specialist Kirenia Fagundo from the Youth Club for Computation and Electronics (JCCE).

With just over a year using the software tool, it went through a trial period, so it was only applicable for those who were connected through JCCE.

From now it is also eligible for those who do so from Infomed or Cubarte, networks that facilitate intranet access to personal health and culture, respectively.

“This is freeware, unprecedented in the island, and we did it thinking that the main Cuban blogs are hosted on servers abroad and people who only have access to the domain .cu, could not get in to it,” said Fagundo.

The topics address the more than three thousand blogs hosted on the platform, about cuisine, history, photography, science, religion, culture, however Notideporte is dedicated to narrate live football games, which is the most visited.

“So far, younger customers represent most of the customers, perhaps because of the category with the largest number of blogs and comments is that one concerning advances and uses of technology,” pointed Fagundo.

Meanwhile the CEO for JCCE, Raul Van Troi, said that there is a team that constantly be updating the facilities and ensure the operability of Reflections.

The official stressed that the software also represents a test of interest Cuban government computerize society, as recently expressed in the First National Workshop on Computerization and Cybersecurity.

Van Troi called on state institutions to also exploit the benefits of communication offered by the platform.

Written by Prensa Latina, Radio Cubana

March 19, 2015

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