Cuba Pays Tribute to Pioneer of Independence Struggle

Santiago de Cuba Oct 10 (Prensa Latina) Men, women and children in this city paid tribute to Carlos Manuel de Cespedes on his grave in Santa Ifigenia cemetery on occasion of the 146th anniversary of the start of pro-independence struggle. The people also laid wreaths at the National Hero Jose Marti Mausoleum.

A military ceremony and guard of honor involved students of military schools from Havana

The tribute to Cespedes, considered the Father of the Motherland, also extended to the former Plaza de Armas and the main park bearing his name.

On October 10, 1968, at La Demajagua sugar plantation, located near Manzanillo, Cespedes, who was a landowner and lawyer, freed his slaves and invited to join him as he made the declaration of Cuban independence that started the war against Spanish colonialism. He was killed in the mountains of San Lorenzo on February 27, 1874.

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