Cuba participates in International Conference on Population in Kenya

Nairobi, Nov 13 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment Rodrigo Malmierca spoke today with representatives from Syria and Venezuela in the context of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25), which is taking place in this capital.

‘We had a friendly meeting with the Venezuelan Minister for Women’s Issues (Asia Villega), an area in which we will develop cooperation, especially with regard to personnel training and sexual and reproductive health,’ Malmierca noted on Twitter.

The Cuban official also met with the head of Social and Labor Affairs of Syria, Rima Qadiri.

Speaking yesterday in the general debate of the ICPD25, Malmierca highlighted the achievements of his country in terms of population and development.

He noted the role of Cuban women and the country’s reproductive health system, despite the US blockade.

As part of the activities, Malmierca announced a working meeting with Kenyan Health Minister Sicily K, Kariuki, to examine ‘bilateral cooperation in health matters.’

He also spoke with the Algerian Health Minister Miraoui Mohammed, who co-chairs the Intergovernmental Cooperation Commission.

ICPD25 aims to examine the progress made since a 1994 Program of Action drafted in Cairo, and signed at that time by 150 countries.


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