Cuba pardons thousands ahead of Pope´s visit

1d1a0d66a384ac4238994fa1afc9845d_XLHavana, Cuba, Sep 11.- On the occasion of the visit by Pope Francis, the Cuban Council of State agreed to pardon 3 thousand 522 prisoners, Granma newspaper reported on Friday.

The article explains that the decision, considered the nature of their crimes, the inmates´ behavior in prison, their prison terms and health reasons.

Among those to be release from jail there are persons at over 60 years of age, youngsters below 20 years with no penal records, persons with chronic diseases, women and some who are close to arrived at their terms for parole in 2016, as well as others who are serving their terms while working in open conditions, and foreigners whose country of origin guarantees their repatriation.

The article on Granma newspaper explains that with very few exceptions, those punished for murder, homicide, rape, corruption of minors, theft and sacrifice of herd, drug traffic, robbery on violence and intimidation were not included nor those imprisoned for crimes against the security of the state.

The decision will be implemented in 72 hours after the announcement and in the case of the foreigners; the Foreign Ministry will coordinate with corresponding embassies in Cuba the steps to be taken for the repatriation of their citizens who were benefited by the action.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry will coordinate with the ministries of Labor and Social Security and Public Health, and with provincial governments all necessary actions for the social reintegration and medical attention of all released inmates requiring such assistance.

The Cuban government also released prisoners on the occasions of the visits here by Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.(acn)

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