Cuba Opens Sugar Factories to Foreign Investors

th8HWD0WOQHavana, Nov 7 (acn) The Cuban portfolio of foreign investment offers entrepreneurs their participation in the management of sugar mills as a modality aimed at increasing sugar production quality and efficiency.

The introduction of new production and management technology is also included in the announced modality for the Cuban sugar sector which provides foreign investors advantages such as highly skilled labor, technical support, a five-century tradition in making sugar, the possibility to use deactivated facilities, among others.

Any contract in the field would come under the modality known as international economic association for production management, which may include several sugar mills in the provinces of Matanzas and Artemisa in the west; Camaguey, Las Tunas and Granma in the eastern part of the country.

Each one of these projects would require a 40-million dollar investment, according to officials with Azcuba, the entity in charge of the Cuban sugar sector.

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