Cuba Opens Elderly Homes for Alzheimer Patients

hogar-ancianos[1]HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 15 (acn) Cuba will progressively open nursing homes in 2015 to assist senior citizens suffering from Alzheimer, while one of those institutions is already experimentally operating in Havana.

The announcement was made by the head of the National Program for the Elderly at the Cuban Health Ministry Doctor Alberto Fernandez, who noted that the first nursing home in the Havana municipality of Playa has proven the positive results of the initiative.

These new places now include a nurse specialized in the attention to persons with mental disabilities and social workers who help the sick to carry out everyday activities, such bathing themselves, putting their clothes on and taking their food.

One in every 10 Cubans  over 65 years of age develops some kind of delirium as it was evidenced by a recent study by health specialists, the official said and added that recent research indicate that over 270 thousand Cubans will suffer from such conditions by 2030. This requires the setting up of new centers to assist Alzheimer patients during the day as their relatives meet their daily duties.

According to Fernandez, the number of nursing homes will increase to 156 with 11 thousand 954 beds and the service will prevent the relatives from abandoning their jobs, an event that happens when there is someone sick at home.

Meanwhile, the Cuban government allocated 66 million pesos (similar in dollars) to repair and give maintenance to existing elderly homes and to implement the new project.

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