Cuba offers help to Puerto Rico

HAVANA, Cuba (ACN) — The Cuban government is waiting for a response from Puerto Rican authorities to an offer of assistance to the people of the Caribbean island, hard hit by Hurricane Maria two weeks ago.

Bruno Rodriguez, Cuban foreign minister, said on Tuesday that the Cuban government has offered a field hospital and 41 health specialists, experts in disaster situations, to assist the victims in Puerto Rico, at a time when, according to official figures, only one in 69 hospitals are working.

Likewise, Cuba is ready to provide the services of engineers and electricity personnel to assist in the restoration of that vital service that today has affected more than 90 percent of the Puerto Rican population.

Rodriguez reiterated on behalf of the Cuban government and people the condolences to Puerto Rico for the deaths caused by Maria on that island and the immense losses in all sectors.

Two weeks after the devastating storm, half of the island still has no water service, with virtually no communications and the bleak images of coastal flooding.

US President Donald Trump visited the island on Tuesday and unleashed controversy by saying that what Maria caused is not a real catastrophe like that of Hurricane Katrina, highlighting the low death toll, and he boasted of the multimillion-dollar aid his government is providing to the Caribbean island.

Some 9,000 people remain in shelters and, although many more have lost their houses, most are staying in homes of relatives or friends.

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