Cuba needs and welcomes US investment promises, said Minister

Cuba needs and welcomes the promises of US investment in the island, said on Thursday in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Lina Pedraza, Cuban Minister of Finance and Prices.

The Minister is attending the tenth World Economic Forum on Latin America, which began in the Riviera Maya, and represented for the first time her country at a meeting of this type in the “Economic Update of Cuba and investment opportunities” panel.
Pedraza said the normalization of relations between Cuba and the US “goes at a slower pace than we would all like, by necessity and the importance of American companies could start trading with Cuba.”

“Cuba needs it and our country looks very favourably all these promises that are being presented, but the issue is to materialize them”, she added.

The minister noted that for the relations to move forward, many differences should be overcome, and the first one “is the total and complete elimination of commercial and financial blockade”, which prevents Cuba from using the US dollar in any transaction.

Submitted by Juana, Cuba Headlines

May 8, 2015

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