Cuba: More Food Needed to Increase Milk Production

Ministry of Agriculture

HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 3 (acn) Factors having a bearing on milk production, like the poor presence of food and fodder for cattle in Cuba, were presented on Wednesday at the Food and Agriculture Commission of the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament).

Aldain Garcia, director of stockbreeding of the Ministry of Agriculture, stated that this is the main cause of the death of 70 thousand specimens in the first five months of the year.

He highlighted that, in order to fulfill plans, it is necessary to plant a larger quantity of pasture, king grass, protein plants, make a better use of byproducts and reactivate existing feed mills in the provinces.

Sector executives have also set out to train technicians in artificial insemination, mainly in agricultural and livestock cooperatives, in order to raise birth rate, now well below the amount of cows with potential to give milk.

Agriculture Minister Gustavo Rodriguez reiterated the call to strengthen the quality of fresh milk for industries and the struggle against illegalities that occur in this branch.

He said that stock farming is the branch of the agriculture system currently having more objective and subjective problems in the country.

During the session, parliamentarians echoed the words of producers on increasing the price of a liter of milk they are now paid, the late arrival of consumables and the poor state of roads.

Deputy Eddy Diaz, of eastern Camagüey province, pointed out that there are also objective problems in the installation of the new refrigerating thermoses purchased by the nation.

At present, 80 percent of animals are in the hands of the cooperative and agricultural sectors, unlike the 1980s, when it was mostly in state farms.

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