Cuba isn’t Afraid of New Technologies

The access to Internet and new communication technologies in Cuba must be focused on people’s training and culture, said today the Cuban president’s adviser, Abel Prieto.

The island is not afraid of technology, said the official at a meeting with the youths of Havana University, and he remembered that the teaching plan developed in Cuba to make computing learning massive, according to Prensa Latina report.

He invited the youths to use the means offered by technological advances to convey a message filled with culture, technology in itself, is not harmful, he affirmed.

The meeting held at Sanguily Room in the Havana University, was also attended by the Computer Science and Communications vice minister, Wilfredo Gonzalez whom assured there weren’t any government policy that restrains the development, but the economic conditions are the ones that actually hinder development.

He commented that for Cuba there’s a digital breach between position 14 which we occupy, according to the statistics of the International Telecommunications Union, in the training of people who have knowledge on new technologies, and number 153, out of 157 countries, in the difficulties to access these technologies.

He also insisted in the efforts made by the government to move forward in the possibilities of getting access to these services.

On the other hand, the former agent of the Cuban State Security, Raul Capote, spoke on the banality and shallowness that generates consumerism around modern gadgets that facilitate the access to those new ways of communication.

He warned about the need of avoiding those manifestations in the Cuban youths to take advantage of those technologies to have a better Man, capable of exchanging feelings, we are more vulnerable as we isolate ourselves, he affirmed.

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