Cuba is making Big Progress

The Chicago Crusader | by Harry C. Alford May 5, 2017 — We just completed our fifth trip to Havana, Cuba. Each time we go we learn increasingly about this unique culture. The best thing I see in Cuba is that it is devoid of race consciousness. We, America, are obsessed with it. Cubans come in all shades – just like the United States but it is clear one’s race means nothing. They value the content of one’s character. Yes, just like in Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech.

This time we stayed at the Ambos Mundos Hotel in the Old Havana district. It sits right in the center of the tourism hub. Very clean and good cuisine (free breakfast daily). We just may stay there again. Their employees are always smiling and they respond quickly to requests.

Our part time Tour Guide was “Junior.” He did an excellent job as we rode around in our classic cars. Many of us stayed in the venue of our choosing (some in hotels and others in Airbnb). We would schedule visits and meet up at a cab stand. Junior would assemble four or five cabs (depending on the number of participants) and on we go. The weather was perfect! The sun was blazing every day and we looked so cool riding in our classic convertibles.

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