Cuba Is Active in Fighting Skin Cancer

Havana, Oct 5 (Prensa Latina) With a new drug known as Heberferon and multidisciplinary teams in all provinces to prevent skin cancer, Cuba is making progress in the treatment of this health problem.

During the 10th Congress on Dermatology, Cuba’s biotech sector will exhibit the benefits of Heberferon, a medicine produced in the country to treat basal cell carcinoma, Olayne Gray, president of the organizing committee, said.

According to the specialist, that drug is standardized at national level, since it has already reached the dermatology services in all provinces and has shown satisfactory results.

Gray, who is also a secretary of the Cuban Society of Dermatology, pointed out that Heberferon is intended for patients with high-risk basal cell carcinoma, due to its advanced, large and difficult surgical management.

She stated that skin cancer in Cuba has a high incidence rate in the adult population.

Due to this, the disease has not only increased in incidence but increasingly affects people at an earlier age of life, she added.

For this reason, prevention work as a nationwide strategy is imperative to lower the incidence of skin cancer, the specialist concluded.

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