Cuba in the Summit, but not in OAS

Panamá, Apr 4.- Cuba´s presence at the 7th Summit of the Americas will ratify total rupture between the island and the Organization of American States (OAS), which acts today as axis of the system of these presidential venues.Sources of the Cuban Foreign Ministry insisted over the last few days that attendance of their country to the Panama venue (April 10-11) is ´dissociated´ from the projected final document titled Mandates for Action.

This text was prepared by the so-called Group of Revision and Implementation of the Summits, of the OAS, institution that also decides on accreditations for the venue, in particular for the parallel forums to the debate of the Heads of State.

The presence of Cuba in Panama will be headed by President Raul Castro and will take place by the invitation of the isthmus government, with plenary powers and in conditions of equality.

Regarding the celebration of the summit, the Cuban President made it clear his country will not ever return to the OAS, considered by Havana as a ministry of colonies under the orders of the United States.

The biggest of the Antilles was excluded from that regional mechanism in 1962 at the instance of Washington and its inconditionals of that time, with the exception of Mexico, and it was also isolated from the system of continental
summits from its beginning in 1994.

However, the increasing advances of progressive governments in Latin America and the Caribbean over the last decade unleashed a wave of demands in the región in favor of the attendance of Cuba to the Summits of the Americas.

Such a demand forced the OAS in 2009 to revoke the obsolete resolution that in 1962 separated the island from that organization, occasion that Havana ratified its permanent and absolute rejection to an eventual return.

The country’s representatives will also participate in four parallel forums to the presidential meet, those are: social, youth, business and university rectors.

As it was confirmed, the OAS gave credentials to figures from different Cuban and Venezuelan antigovernment groupings financed by the United States and inserted by Washington and the OAS as part of the denominated civil society.

Until now, there are about two dozens of Cuban counterrevolutionaries (residents in Cuba and abroad and financed from abroad) authorized to participate in the social forum, while it is not discarded that others are included in several U.S. Non-government Organizations opposed to the Caribbean island.

However, groupings as the National Hostosian Independentist Movement of Puerto Rico, that works for the independence of that Caribbean island associated to the United States and other environmentalist, tradeunionists and a wide variety of profiles did not receive the OAS approval.

With that same line of maneuver, were also accredited several figures clearly opposed to Cuban society to attend the youth forum, as well as known emissaries of rightwing groupings of other countries.(Prensa Latina)

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