Cuba in the Eyes of American Tourist Agencies

Washington, Dec 29 (Prensa Latina) The recent announcement to begin a process of normalization of relations between the US and Cuba arouses great interest among Americans wishing to visit the Caribbean island, according to tourism professionals in this country.

Several US tour operators have commented on the market reaction to a possible relaxation of authorizations to travel to Cuba, according to recent announcements by President Barack Obama.

“The response has been overwhelming our office,” said Tom Popper, president of Insight Cuba, an organization that has been processed trips to the island since 2000, railways under restrictions imposed by the White House, limiting visits and exchanges academic and cultural small groups.

“We are inundated with requests. We have never seen anything like it, “Popper said in statements reproduced by the Washington Post.

Under the new measures relating to Cuba made by Obama, is planning to create a general license covering several coded categories, which, according to tour operators, will allow more Americans to visit the island.

For the vice president of Marazul Charters, Bob Guild, an agency based in Miami that organizes trips to Cuba, it is still unclear how the announced changes regarding the visits of US citizens will be implemented.

‘Everyone is waiting to see what actually decide the Treasury Department’ Guild also stressed, according to the article published on Sunday in the Post.

The executive Marazul Charters evaluated as a positive step that these new measures to American tourists are allowed to import up to $ 400 in Cuban goods, including up to 100 in snuff and alcohol combined.

“It’s a change in the right direction,” he stressed Guild.

Some American tour operators expressed their concern over the Cuban tourism infrastructure and hotel capacity, taxis, tour buses, airport access and car hire, you can take an avalanche of American tourists.

According to the Post, Cuba annually receives about three million visitors, a figure which may be increased considerably to a possible opening of US tourism.

“I think everything portends an incredible future with regard to travel (to Cuba) and new opportunities for Americans to enjoy a place that has been banned for 51 years,” said Tom Popper.


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