Cuba in Pursuit of Society Computerization

Havana, May 18 (Prensa Latina) The computerization of the society is one of the development strategies outlined by the Cuban State, a challenge in which several companies in the country are involved, among them Sertod, an entity that provides telecommunications services.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, the business director of the Telecommunications Services Company for the Defense Bodies (Sertod), Jorge Ernand, pointed out the need to modernize the island’s computer systems to adapt to the conditions of the current world.

For this reason, the leading communications company of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) that provides services to all entities extended its spectrum to the Central State Administration Bodies and to some foreign companies.

One of the strengths of the center, he assured, is the provision of services in the maintenance of communications networks, and added that they have their own networks with which they work together with the Telecommunications Company of Cuba, Etecsa.

In addition, they are responsible for the construction, installation and assembly, he said.

In the construction and assembly, the laying of underground cable networks, aerial, fiber optic, copper and links to different places are included; as well as data center installations, telephone slates, technical security and electrical protection systems, and in addition, they work together with Etecsa in the installation of mobile telephone sites, among others.

Finally, they are dedicated to the modernization of telecommunications technology, to the repair, installation, and maintenance of audiovisual and computer communication systems, he summarized.

Ernand explained that the presence of Sertod in the 5th Business Fair -which is celebrated until May 23 at the Expocuba fairgrounds-, is due to the possibilities of exchange with other companies, an ideal time for the interaction between applicants and bidders.

It allows them to know the needs of the business universe that require their services, a starting point for the planning of the year 2019, he remarked.

The director added that Sertod has worked in multiple activities with the Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba, Geocuba, Institute of Materials Science and Technologies, National Electric Union, and with other companies of the Ministry of Communications.

As well as with the Ministry of Transport, in the modernization of the telecommunications network of the Union of Railways of Cuba and with the company of photovoltaic cells.

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