Cuba in Legislative Transformation Stage with New Constitution

Havana, Feb 28 (Prensa Latina) With the ratification on February 24 of the new Cuban Constitution, the country enters a stage of legislative transformation to materialize the text´s content, said Thursday the Vice President of the National Union of Jurists, Yamila Gonzalez.

The expert, in a dialogue with Prensa Latina in Havana, pointed out that once the magna carta is in force, it is a matter of making it truly effective, which involves drafting and implementing development laws.

‘Let’s remember that the Constitution is at the top of our legal system, that’s why it is the supreme or fundamental law, because it guides the general principles, values and organization of society’s systems, and from there it is necessary to elaborate norms to develop its content, she said.

Gonzalez illustrated the road ahead with her specialty, the Family Law, reflected in the 3rd Chapter of the Constitution ratified on Sunday by almost seven million Cubans, about 87 percent of those who went to the polls.

When reading the articles related to the issue, we see they are connected with others that collect rights and guarantees, and demand a development in the Family Code’, she said.

In one of the Transitory Provisions of the Constitution it is established that within a period of two years of text validity, it should initiate a process of popular consultation and referendum of the Family Code draft.

According to the Vice President of the National Union of Jurists of Cuba, this provision reinforces the Cuba´s particularity to practice consultation with the people.

After voting in the referendum four days ago, President Miguel Diaz-Canel told the press that now comes a broad legislative exercise to support the new constitution in the shortest possible time.

‘We are already organizing it, we have identified several laws and we will call jurists, university students, professors and other specialists to achieve a more perfect work,’ she explained.


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