Cuba in a Countdown To Referendum on a New Constitution

Havana, Jan 26 (Prensa Latina) With the declaration of voter lists for the referendum of February 24 on the new Constitution, Cuba today entered the countdown to face the appointment at the polls that summons more than eight million Cubans.

Less than a month before Cubans are called to ratify the Magna Carta approved on December 22 by the National Assembly of Popular Power, the president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), Alina Balseiro, specified that details are addressed to ensure the success of the vote.

The day before, Balseiro said the country is in a position to carry out the referendum, which has been verified in the provinces of the island by the CEN.

According to the official, everything goes according to plan, from the national level to the districts, and on February 17 the dynamic test will take place, in which every aspect is verified, from logistics, the media, transport and the computer system to the premises that will host the appointment.

By participating in the TV Program Mesa Redonda, Balseiro addressed other questions about the referendum, such as the training of electoral authorities and collaborators, and the participation of students in the custody of the ballot boxes.

More than 420 thousand people will complete missions during the consultation on February 24, a figure that includes the authorities, the collaborators – students of secondary and university education – and the students who guard the votes.

Regarding the electoral registry, the head of the Directorate of Identification, Immigration and Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior, Colonel Mario Méndez, urged the voters to check the quality of the data of the published lists.

Mendez stressed that in Cuba the registration is public, permanent and ex officio, and it is automatically entered upon reaching the age of 16.

12 thousand 635 districts will operate in the referendum, of which 158 are special.

Cubans who carry out official missions abroad, both diplomats and collaborators, will be able to pronounce on the new Constitution on February 16 and 17 in the more than one thousand schools planned in some 120 countries, said Marcos Rodriguez, president of the Special Electoral Commission of the Foreing Minister.

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