Cuba Implicates US in Financing Destabilization Op on Sunday

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla offered a press conference to the national and international press today about U.S. involvement in last Sunday's destabilization efforts incited via social media.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla offered a press conference to the national and international press today about U.S. involvement in last Sunday’s destabilization efforts incited via social media. | Photo: Twitter/@CubaMINREX

“There was no social outburst in Cuba this Sunday—there were disturbances, disorder, caused by a communicational operation that has been prepared for a long time, to which multimillionaire resources, laboratories, technological platforms with funds from the United States Government are destined,” denounced the member of the Political Bureau and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla.

July 13 (teleSUR) He highlighted the great international solidarity aroused by Cuba. For this reason, for months and, above all, in recent weeks, Cuba has been receiving numerous offers of solidarity, of practical support, of donations, often modest, but of enormous symbolic and moral value, which encourage the efforts of our people.

He mentioned the support of governments, international organizations, groups of people, solidarity associations, organizations of Cubans living abroad and others.

He commented that a communiqué was issued by the US President, Joe Biden, in relation to the events that took place this Sunday in Cuba, and, in general, the world has reacted with respect, based on the impeccable conduct of the Cuban country, always attached to the truth, always transparent, always with the people and for the people.

But with cynicism, hypocrisy and manipulation, Rodríguez Parrilla added, politicians in the United States refer to these events, with Biden asking for the “regime in Havana” to listen to the Cuban people, “to alleviate their needs.”

In that sense, he agreed, saying it would be good for the U.S. president to listen to the Cuban people who for years have been demonstrating against the blockade, and if he wants to do something, he should also listen to U.S. citizens and lift this policy against Cuba and the 243 measures he inherited from President Trump.

Rodriguez suggested he could eliminate what was imposed during the pandemic, because the U.S. government has used the virus as an ally to tighten the blockade, in a brutal and cruel way.

It could also, he continued, stop using the means of repression with which the police in the United States represses Afro-descendants, minorities, journalists… and it could stop exporting those tremendous means of repression to other countries in the world.

On June 15, he recalled, a first call was launched for the campaign using the label SOS Cuba, aimed at damaging the vote of the United Nations General Assembly against the blockade of Cuba, which expresses the position of the international community. But that campaign, he stressed, failed in the face of the voting results, where the United States was totally isolated, and changes have been introduced in that action.

This Sunday in Cuba, reiterated the Foreign Affairs Minister, there was no social outburst; there were disturbances, disorder. Even the international press recognizes that there were violent actions in the riots, but not the social outbreak for which the U.S. Government has been working, in a hidden way or more publicly in recent times.

Bruno Rodríguez said that, in recent years, the people have suffered an intensified blockade, aimed at damaging the country’s income with surgical precision, which translates into shortages and deprivations affecting Cuban families.

According to the Chancellor, since June 23, the international community has been alerted that the U.S. government, the anti-Cuban mafia, extreme right-wing sectors in Florida are calculating, although they are wrong, that if they provoke hardships and promote artificial leaders and try to create a situation in the networks that does not exist in reality, they can achieve their goals. Elements of unconventional warfare have been used in these days.

However, Bruno Rodriguez affirmed, the forceful response of the people made the communicational operation and the campaign fail, although today it is resumed with other axes, and the attempt to generate a situation of ungovernability and social disorder.

Here, he pointed out, there has been a brutal attack against those who defend the truth and measures aimed at preventing the revision of the policy that the Democrats have proposed, in issues that have to do with the population, such as travel, remittances, consular services.

“I challenge the U.S. government to confirm or deny that the main political operators of the company that generated the campaign against #Cuba have received funding from the State Department and USAID.”

In addition, he explained, the issue related to those who are delirious about generating an irregular migratory flow to the United States, which is a dangerous gamble that costs lives, is reopened once again.

In the midst of all this scenario, as already mentioned, the SOS Cuba label was launched on June 15, so here, said the Foreign Minister: “I accuse and urge the U.S. Government to acknowledge or deny that the Miami-based company that generated this label and this campaign received a certificate from the Republican government of Florida to act with state funds.”

“I urge you to confirm or deny that the main political operators of this company, connected with a publication financed by the U.S. Government, and which is part of the group of media, mainly based in Miami, that systematically act against Cuba and which generated this campaign, have received financing from the State Department and the USAID, as part of the information war against our country.

“I also urge them to deny that the political operators who launched this label have been organizing demonstrations with signs of violence against the Cuban Embassy in Washington, which not long ago was shot at, without the U.S. government saying a word.”

Bruno Rodríguez also denounced that, from a Florida-based media laboratory, the campaign for a Humanitarian Intervention in Cuba was launched on Twitter on July 5.

A humanitarian intervention, he clarified, was what happened in Yugoslavia in 1999. The NATO bombings were a humanitarian intervention not authorized by the UN Security Council. Therefore, those who instigate this are calling for a U.S. military intervention in Cuba, in violation of Cuban laws and international law.

“I call on Twitter and the U.S. government,” said the Foreign Minister, “to recognize or deny that political operators actively used tags, groups of robots, trolls, which are users coordinated with automated means to flood the networks, in this campaign against Cuba.”

“Despite the denunciations, Twitter did not apply its own rules to try to prevent these actions from being consummated, even with calls for assassination and violence,” he stressed.

In addition, the Cuban Foreign Minister called on Twitter “to say whether it is true or not that the geolocation systems of the accounts were altered to deceive people and make it appear that more than half of them were in Cuba, when that is totally false.”

Rodriguez reassured that, “we will continue to present copious information on these accusations to the U.S. government and the Twitter company, on which we have all the evidence”.

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