Cuba Implements National Ebola Prevention Program

Cuba implemented a National Ebola Prevention and Fighting Program against the introduction and spread of that virus in the country, which took the training of over 384 persons, according to Granma newspaper.

The program includes sanitary surveillance, prevention, attention and bio-security measures, which guarantee early detection of Ebola cases and immediate control actions.

The strategy consists of a Coordination Group jointly working with the National Civil Defense Staff, backed by the Health Minister Control Center, which monitors and evaluates the national and international situation 24 hours a day, said Francisco Durán, general director of Epidemiology.

The program also included the increase of diagnostic capacities and the training of specialists in labs of developed nations. Part of the strategy was the setting up of a training center at the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute in Havana.

At present, there are 32 Cuban medical brigades in Africa, made up of 1, 048 specialists in countries like Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Written by Cuban News Agency, Radio Cubana

January 6, 2015


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