Cuba hosts the G77+ China meeting of Ministers of Culture

Havana, May 4 (Prensa Latina) Ministers and senior representatives from the Cultural sphere of the member countries belonging to “the Group of the 77 plus China” (G77+China) will meet at the Havana Convention Center.

The Minister of Culture of Cuba, Alpidio Alonso, will deliver the opening speech at the event. A recorded message from Ernesto Renato Ottone, Deputy General Director for Culture of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will also be broadcasted. Lazare Assomo, director of the UNESCO World Heritage Center, who is attending the first International Congress of Cultural Heritage in Havana, is expected to speak as well.

One of the topics to be debated will be culture as a global public resource, as well as South-South cooperation tools and alternatives for sustainable development.

Attention will also be devoted to the social and economic dimension of culture, as well as the role of creative economies and cultural industries in developing countries.

The third theme of interest will address the comprehensive management of cultural heritage and the contribution of tourism dedicated to sustainable development in less advanced countries.

During a previous organizational meeting, Ana Margarita Morejón, director of International Relations of the Cuban Ministry of Culture, said that the gathering is expected to allow the adoption of a final declaration aimed at concrete actions to promote culture and its multilateral bond.


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