Cuba Hosts Specialized Event on Industrial Issues

Havana, Jun 23 (Prensa Latina) The First International Convention and Exposition of the Cuban Industry, Cubaindustria 2014, began here today with a main objective: the attraction of foreign investment. The meeting is also appropriate to encourage integration and complementary among all regional countries, the general director of Industrial Management at the Cuban Ministry of Industries, Adriana Barcelo, stated.

The objective is that we can present us in an integrated manner as an industrial bloc, in the economic and not only in the political sphere, integrate us and develop productive chains, she stressed.

According to Barcelo, the presence of about 29 nations and more than 200 foreign companies will facilitate the establishment of agreements, alliances and partnerships with those firms to help boosting domestic development.

The new Foreign Investment Law, approved in the Parliament, will be one of the most debated issues, because it provides the adequate legal framework to encourage the participation of foreign capital in the sustainable development of the country and the recovery of the domestic economy.

Cubaindustria 2014 is running until June 27 at the Havana’s Conference Center and includes a theoretical event, comprised of congresses, seminars, workshops and business rounds.

Parallel to the Convention, at Pabexpo exhibition center, will be the exhibit of products, equipment, components, parts, technologies, technical assistance, and services associated to each branch, as well as an expo-sale.

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