Cuba Hosts International Workshop on Arbovirus

Havana, Aug 4 (Prensa Latina) An international workshop to update the epidemiological context of some arbovirosis at regional and global scale will be held here as of August 7, the Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK), organizer of the event, announced today.

The course, to which scientists from 15 countries will participate, pays tribute to the 80th anniversary of the IPK, the leaders of studies on the subject in the island, and the organizers of the event.

According to the institution’s website, one of the objectives is the professional exchange on the most relevant and current aspects of several diseases transmitted by Aedes Aegypti mosquito, especially dengue, Zika, chikungunya and yellow fever.

The 15th edition of this course will be focused on the new challenges to face Zika and will address issues such as global initiatives to face the co-circulation of arbovirus, the influence of climate change on transmission and the progress in the development of vaccines and antivirals, among the most significant ones.

It will also analyze some aspects on symptoms and pathology, differential diagnosis, clinical management, as well as Zika virus transmission and its impact.

Researchers from Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Puerto Rico represent Latin America during the event, running until August 18.

Experts from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Singapore, Japan, Canada and the United States will also attend.

The course is also led by the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO)/World Health Organization (WHO), the American Society of Tropical Medicine, the Cuban Society of Microbiology and Parasitology and the Cuban Ministry of Public Health.


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