Cuba Hosts International Oncology Congress

Havana, Nov 19 (PL) Renowned researchers, physicians and other specialists from Europe, Asia and Latin America are attending as of today debates of the Oncology Congress “Habana 2014,” at this capital’s Conference Center.

The Cuban Society on Oncology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine and the National Institute on Oncology and Radiobiology of Cuba convene the event, which feature about 150 specialists from Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, China, United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, among other countries, as well as 250 Cubans.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Doctor Jorge Juan Marinello, president of the congress’ organizing committee and the Cuban Society on Oncology, stated that cancer is currently the leading cause of death in Cuba, and therefore its main health problem.

The Cuban Ministry of Public Health has provided great priority to the scientific development of its specialists and the oncological congresses are the finest example of the work done by the Cuban Society on Oncology and the promotion of the scientific knowledge in this field.

The Havana-based Center of Molecular Immunology has developed many therapeutical vaccines of proven efficiency in some kinds of tumors, including lung, head and neck, and some in brain.

Parallel to this forum is the Eleventh National Congress on Oncology, the Sixth International Meeting on Oncological Nursing, the Third International Meeting on Nuclear Medicine, the First National Meeting on Gynecologic Oncology, the Second National Meeting on Mastology, and the First International Symposium on Cranial Base Surgery.

The event’s scientific program is focused on the advances of Oncology, the new diagnostic-therapeutic possibilities, and the latest researches about cancer.


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