Cuba Hosts Events to Honor Benny More in His Centenary

Havana, Aug 18 (Prensa Latina) On the 100th birthday of Cuban musician Benny More, a series of events are being held in Cuba to pay tribute to him, who is also known as ”El Barbaro del Ritmo.”

The events will take place until October, not only in Havana, but also in Cienfuegos province, the singer’s hometown, and consist of concerts, book launches and film screening, among others.

On August 22, the Cuban Book Institute will dedicate ‘El Elogio Oportuno’, an event held regularly at the Fayad Jamis Bookstore in Old Havana, to this Cuban distinguished artist, during which the book ‘Ofrenda Criolla II. El Arte de Benny More’ will be launched.

Journalist and critic Fernando Rodriguez Sosa, musicologist Jesus Gomez Cairo, who is the 2018 National Music awardwinner and director of the National Museum of Music, and the researcher from that cultural institution, Jose Reyes Fortun, who wrote the book, will participate in the event. At ‘El Elogio Oportuno,’ organized this time in conjunction with the National Music Museum, participants will listen to some of Benny’s unknown recordings, which he made in Cuba using a non-professional tape recorder shortly before his death; as well as watch some fragments of several films in which he left the testimony of his art.

The cultural gala ‘Esperando el Centenario’ will be held on August 23 at the Benny More Cultural Center of the Arts in Santa Isabel de las Lajas, Cienfuegos, with performances by Pancho Amat y su Cabildo del Son, Septeto Union, Ingrid y su Trova Jazz and other guests.

The march to Benny More’s tomb in the municipal cemetery of his hometown is scheduled for August 24, with the usual musical performances.

National Music Awardwinner Bobby Carcaces, along with artists from the Cuban provinces of Cienfuegos and Villa Clara, will give a concert that night.

Joaquin Betancourt y su Jazz Band will give a concert in Havana to honor Benny More on the his birthday.

Several concerts are scheduled for early September at Havana’s Karl Marx Theater to mark the centenary of ‘El Barbaro del Ritmo.’ 


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