Cuba Hosts 2nd International Vernian Congress

Havana, Jun 29 (Prensa Latina) With the analysis of the influence of renowned French writer, Julio Verne, in literature and other artistic expressions, the 2nd International Congress on his life and work continues today in this capital.

Held for the first time in Cuba and Latin America, the event brings together until tomorrow about 30 researchers from eight countries at the Victor Hugo House-Museum, in Old Havana.

Keynote speeches by Cuban Jose Miguel Sanchez (Yoss) and Mexican Oliver Maldonado, in addition to a debate led by the Spanish Javier Urdanibia, are expected for today’s afternoon.

The president of the Jules Verne Hispanic Society, Ariel Perez, will analyze the repercussion of the poet and playwright in this country and the acceptance of his texts among Cuban readers.

Several films based on the stories of the outstanding author will be screened, as a continuation of a film series started on yesterday.

Perez told Prensa Latina that the first edition of the event took place in Barcelona in 2013 and Havana was chosen this time due to the high cultural level of this city and the great reception of the Vernian literature in the Caribbean nation.

People here buy his books a lot, every time a new edition comes out, it sell out quickly. Our goal is to achieve something similar in other Latin American countries, he said.

The slogan of the Congress is ‘The special trips by Julio Verne.’ The event is sponsored by the French embassy in Cuba, the Cuban Book Institute, the French Alliance, the Cuban Film Institute and the Association of Latin American and Caribbean Historians, among other entities.


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