Cuba hopes to shine in the 5th World Baseball Classic 2023


Havana, Apr 16 (Prensa Latina) Cuba has chosen to forget recent poor performances and gather its best available players for the 5th World Baseball Classic, scheduled for March 2023.

We are getting ready to provide a good show, because we have talented ballplayers capable of competing in the main circuits of the planet, said Juan Reynaldo Perez, head of the Cuban Federation of the discipline (FCB, in Spanish).

The executive told the television Round Table hour that they plan to summon athletes hired in other leagues, even those who are not under the FCB’s aegis.

“Those athletes who are interested in playing in Cuba, as well as representing the country in international tournaments, can approach; we have the greatest willingness to talk,” said Perez, who is also the National Commissioner of the sport.

He expressed the willingness to return to the Caribbean Series and ratified the intention to recover the rapprochement with the Major Leagues of the United States in order to establish a stable and depoliticized relationship, which had its maximum expression with the signing of the FCB-MLB Agreement in December 2018. This arrangement was suspended by the Trump administration.

Perez acknowledged that resuming the pact will mean an effective tool for the development of Cuban baseball and against illegal emigration, human trafficking and other risks for baseball players and their families.


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