Cuba Hopes to Add Over 100,000 New Hotel Rooms by 2030

Overview of the Capitol Building. Havana. Cuba.

Overview of the Capitol Building, Havana, Cuba  | Getty Image

Demand from tourism growth leads to leads need for accommodation.

As the barrier to entry to Cuba starts to dissipate, more and more American travelers are interested in checking out the once-prohibited country. With that increase in appeal comes a need for more places for tourists to stay, and now, the country hopes to build more than 100,000 new accommodations by 2030.

Whether that means 100,000 beds or rooms is unclear, but the plan to build new lodging is part of the National Plan for Economic and Social Development, which is up for debate on Monday. While it has yet to pass, Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero said the project has already chosen potential locations for the properties, and they will also work to “to raise the quality and standards of existing hotels.”

He added, “We can’t make the same mistakes that other countries do, when in the midst of new developments they forget about their old hotels.”

The new lodging options are clearly needed—the country welcomed 3.5 million foreign visitors in 2015.

Jordi Lippe-McGraw, Travel+Leisure

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