Cuba has vaccinated over 90% of its population – The Hill report

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Washington, Dec 21 (Prensa Latina) Cuba has managed to vaccinate more of its citizens than most of the world´s larger, richer nations even as the new omicron variant dominates caseloads across the world, US newspaper The Hill reported Tuesday.

According to an analysis, Cuba has vaccinated over 90% of its population with at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, while 83% of the country´s population has been fully vaccinated. That puts Cuba second in place globally in vaccination rates among nations with at least 1 million people.

Developed first world nations like Canada have only 77% of their population fully vaccinated, while UK has 68% and Germany (69%). In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 77% of the population has received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and 61% has been fully vaccinated.

What´s allowed Cuba to vaccinate so many citizens is through the development of its very own Covid-19 vaccines (Soberana 01, Soberana 02, Soberana Plus, Abdala and Mambisa), eliminating the need to compete for vaccines like other emerging nations.

In addition, nearly all children aged 2 to 18 have been vaccinated in Cuba through the country´s own vaccines. The World Health Organization (WHO) also says that Cuba has had fewer than 1 million cumulative Covid-19 cases since the pandemic began and administered around 257 vaccine doses per 100 people.

William Moss, director of the Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Center, told Reuters that “it is a truly remarkable accomplishment, given the size of Cuba, and also the US blockade, that restricts their ability to import.”

In recent statements to Prensa Latina, the Cuban Health Minister José Ángel Portal pointed out that the country´s vaccination campaign progress – with booster doses included – provides a relevant protection, but it is necessary not to trust oneself to avoid a new epidemic outbreak ahead of the presence of omicron variant in Cuba.


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