Cuba has supporters across the planet, despite U.S. aggression

The number of peoples and governments supporting Cuba continues to grow, while the current U.S. administration continues to bleed our people

August 5 (Granma) I add and add again, but the number of peoples and governments supporting Cuba continues to grow, while at the same time the current U.S. administration and the Miami right wing attempt to bleed our people.

Recent evidence includes the 184 United Nations member states which voted against the blockade last June 23, with only two, the United States and Israel, voting against Cuba.

The empire then opted to “tighten” the noose around the neck of the Cuban people with a plan to incite riots, call for civil disobedience and launch a media campaign characterized by the use of lies, attempting to gain followers inside and outside the country, even bribing officials, pressuring other governments, and paying terrorists and mercenaries to take to the streets to impose violence and hatred.

Expressions of solidarity from around the world have been accompanied by condemnations of the U.S. plan and demands that the blockade be lifted.

Likewise, and to an increasing extent, friendly governments including those of Russia, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua and others, have sent food, medicines and vital medical supplies to the island, in the face of a dangerous resurgence of the pandemic.

While others remain silent, the Non-Aligned Movement strongly condemned the terrorist attack with Molotov cocktails on the Cuban embassy in France, as well as the illegal U.S. use of information technologies to incite and commit acts of terrorism. Political Bureau member and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, expressed our gratitude for this help, on Twitter.

The Caribbean Community (Caricom), the Puebla Group, The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and political leaders across Latin America have expressed their solidarity and support for Cuba and demand that President Biden’s administration eliminate, as a minimum, the 243 additional coercive measures implemented during Donald Trump’s term in office.

Deserving of special mention, among these expressions of solidarity, is the United States itself, where groups of Cubans and friends have united in the Bridges of Love project, which organized a month-long trek from Miami to Washington, to raise their voices in front of the White House and wave the tricolor flag, demanding that Cuba be respected as a free and sovereign country.

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