Cuba has Close to Two thousand Medical Emergency Professionals

Cuba has Close to Two thousand Medical Emergency ProfessionalsHavana, Cuba Apr 12 (acn) Cuba has almost two thousand professionals specialized in Medical Emergencies in addition to an important number of nurses, health technicians and technologists.

Dr. Ileana Morales, Director of the Ministry of Public Health’s Science and Technological Innovation explained that the personnel of the specialized service maintain indicators that show the growing work in all of the emergency and therapy areas of the country.

The MINSAP representative highlighted at the event with over 300 delegates from 20 countries that are participating at the 7th International Congress of Emergencies and Intensive Care, that there are currently 120 municipal intensive areas in Primary Health Attention and 112 therapies in second and third level institutions.

She stressed that the forum, held at the International Convention Center in Havana until Friday, will contribute to projecting new tasks with priorities in research and promoting innovations among others.

After offering a panorama of the Cuban health system since 1959, Dr. Ileana Morales highlighted that the development of human capital constitute a priority for the country and a key element in the achievements in the field which has also allowed the cooperation with other countries in the world.

Dr. Pedro Luis Veliz, President of the Organizing Committee welcomed the participants to the event, which also includes the 5th Forum of the Latin American Association of Cooperation in Medical Emergencies and Disasters.

Veliz, also President of the National Council of Scientific Societies in Health offered a conference on the professional competition of the intensive care and emergencies specialists in Cuba and the challenges for the future.

Dr. Agamenon Quintero from Colombia, Vice President of the Pan American Association of Critical Medicine, expressed satisfaction for his participation and praised Cuba’s achievement in the field and especially in its cooperation before disasters.

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