Cuba, France Agree To Develop Hepatitis B Vaccine

PARIS, Feb 13 (BERNAMA-NNN-PRENSA LATINA) — French company Abivax and the Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) in Cuba announced an agreement here Wednesday to partner in the development and commercialisation of vaccines with one against the Hepatitis B virus.

The CIGB, Cuba’s leading biotechnology institution, has more than 50 research-development projects, while Abivax, based in Paris, is a product of the merger of the Wittycell, Splicos and Zophis firms. Their objective is to fight infectious diseases and cancer.
“Cuba is known for the excellence of its physicians and the quality of its vaccines. This is a project of international importance to put France foremost in this matter,” Philippe Pouletty, president of the Administrative Council of the French firm, said.
Norkis Arteaga, head of Biocubafarma business department, said that the complementary nature of both companies in research and production will allow for the distribution of many products in the future.
Arteaga cited in a statement a licensing agreement between the CIGB and Abivax for the development and commercialisation of the therapeutic vaccine against Hepatitis B.
Cuba will provide the clinical results and capacity, while the French firm financial resources to complete other clinical trials in Europe and Asia along with the experience to register it in these markets and commercialise it later.
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