Cuba for New Investment Program in Sugar Industry

Havana, Sep 9.- Cuba is going for a new investment in the national sugar industry, for the increase and sustainability of the production of sugar and by-products, among them alcohol, energy and food for animals.

Pedro Perez, director of Investments of Cuban sugar industry group AZCUBA, told Prensa Latina that factors such as modernization of destilleries, construction of new plants for products such as honey, fodder and others, are also included.

The introduction in the last years of more than 100 Brazilian high production harvesting machines, trucks and wagons which help to the improvements of the ground to operate, is also part of the objectives.

Specialists of the combined machine factory in Holguín, in the east of the country, and China, jointly developed a cane harvester prototype, which was tested in the previous harvest in the Antonio Guiteras sugar mill.

Also, regarding mechanized sugar cane harvest he added that the evaluation will continue, in order to see the possibility of continuing the construction with the participation of both nations.

Related to mechanical harvesting of cane-that takes more than 90 percent of sugar came harvesting-, the necessary spare parts for the rehabilitation of the KTP machine are produced, and Kamaz and ZIL truck engines are acquired, to use them in the repair of such machines.

Among the main investments made, mainly for the process of cane-sugar production in the last five years, there is also the introduction of modern techniques for supplying water to plants, including drip system.

As for the industrial sphere efforts to increase grinding capacity, improved sugar warehouses, construction and rehabilitation of tanks, and modernization of distilleries, among others, are oriented.

Perez stressed the priority of the cane production,then get primary sugar, animal feed, energy and other subproducts. (Prensa Latina).

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