Cuba, first place in America at Chinese Bridge Contest

Beijing, Sep 6 (Prensa Latina) Cuba won first place in the Americas at the Chinese Bridge language contest and fifth place among 138 competitors globally, a result of promoting bilateral relations.

Alberto Blanco, Cuba’s representative in this competition, received the honorary title of Ambassador of the Chinese Language in the World.

Blanco, nicknamed Xiao Bai or “Little White,” mentioned the tension during the contest, the pressure to represent Cuba, and how happy he was with this success.

According to the competition, this is the best result Cuba has achieved since the first edition in 2002. Blanco was grateful for the experience, which allowed him to get to know the southern autonomous region of Guangxi, where most of the contest took place.

Alberto Blanco won the Chinese Bridge language contest at the national level in Cuba. He arrived in China to participate in the event’s final stage, followed by more than 100 million foreign viewers.

The Chinese Bridge language contest has been held since 2002. Through time, it has brought China closer to the notable changes it has undergone since then.


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