Cuba favors increasing exports and foreign investment

Havana, May 21 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Deputy Prime Minister Ricardo Cabrisas urged business people to increase export earnings systematically and sustainably and advance more quickly in foreign investment projects.

Cabrisas spoke at the General Assembly of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce and said that the institution should play a more active role in its work of guidance work in order to face the challenges of accessing increasingly competitive markets and demanding more rigorous techniques and quality.

In his words, the Chamber of Commerce, which has 915 associated companies, should be more closely linked to the territories where exportable goods and services can be developed with greater added value and technological content given an adequate guidance.

Cabrisas pointed out that the systematic nature of this work is essential to harness the potential generated by the stimulation measures adopted by the Government to boost Cuba’s economy, and that local development projects are linked to exports and foreign investment.

In his opinion, the limitations on Cuban exports resulting from the blockade imposed by the United States, together with the restrictions imposed on the market by global value chains, require that systematic research work in the search for niches for Cuban products be a priority task for companies.

The minister mentioned the current relevance of the advisory and consulting work that the Chamber of Commerce must carry out, in particular regarding the knowledge of the laws, norms and regulations in force in the main import and export markets, which is essential to achieving greater levels of depth in international sales contracts.


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