Cuba extends passport validity and eliminates extensions

Havana, May 16 (Prensa Latina) In response to the criteria of Cuban residents abroad, Cuba’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday announced measures that include the extension of passport validity, the elimination of its extensions and the reduction of its cost.

The general director of Consular Affairs and Attention to Cuban Residents Abroad at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Soberon, said that the decision will take effect on July 1, as part of the updating of the country’s immigration policy for the sake of family relations.

The official pointed out that from that moment on, Cuban passports will extend their validity from the current six years to 10 years, in the case of Cuban citizens over 16 years of age, and five years for minors.

In addition, the requirement to extend the passport every two years was eliminated, as well as its cost, which was reduced to 180 dollars or euros for those Cubans over 16 years of age, and 140 dollars or euros for minors.

Another measure adopted is to balance the length of stay in the country for Cuban residents abroad with that of their relatives and foreign spouses and children during their stay in Cuba.

Soberon explained that as of July 1, Cuban residents abroad will be able to stay in Cuba for a longer period as well as their foreign relatives, noting that currently these periods of stay differ.

The diplomat informed that people who emigrated before January 1, 1971, must present their Cuban passport to enter the country in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution approved in 2019 in a popular referendum.

These decisions are in line with the country’s policy to strengthening ties with its overseas community, highlighted the director of Consular Affairs, adding that nowadays these relations continue to develop satisfactorily.


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