Cuba Develops Renewable Energy Sources

Havana, Cuba, Jul 15.- The vice-president of the World Wind Energy Association Conrado Moreno said that Cuba expects to generate 633 megawatts out of wind energy and 700 out of solar energy, while developing hydro-energy which will contribute 56 megawatts.“Cuba not only counts on an important solar potential, but also on significant wind, hydraulic and biomass energy to produce several times all the electricity it currently consumes,” said the executive according to an article posed on the webpage of that world organization.

However, the executive said that in order to achieve sustainable development based on renewable energy sources, Cuba must consider the availability of each resource, the technology to be used and the consensus of decision-makers in the sector.

According to the Cuban Energy and Mining Ministry, Cuba has 34 thousand renewable energy  facilities, including heaters, solar panels, biogas and brick ovens burning biomass; these are joined by hydroelectric plants, turbo generators, boilers and wind farms.

The Cuban government has prioritized the use of renewable energy sources to change the current energy pattern in the country, particularly to generate power replacing fossil fuels.

By late 2012, renewable energy sources translated into more than 26 percent of the whole world energy production capacity and 21.7 percent of the global electricity output.(ACN)

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