Cuba Develops Quick Alert for Perceptible Earthquakes

Santiago de Cuba, Jun 9 (Prensa Latina) A higher development of the system to record and raise alert on perceptible earthquakes is reached currently by the National Seismological Service (SSN).

Doctor Enrique Arango, SSN head and deputy technical director of the National Center for Scientific Research (Cenais) referred to the swift spread of the information through emails and messages that reach seismologists and authorities, including the Civil Defense in the country.

Arango said that as soon as the earthquake is reported an alert is automatically raised with the location of the epicenter and preliminary information of the coordinates, the magnitude and other data, from which further reports are issued.

He said that this system was developed by a German institution following the earthquake in Indonesia in 2014, while pointing out that other technical devices could be acquired to forecast tsunamis, as well as a station to measure the sea level that would report in situ from Punta de Maisi.

Arango said that 20 stations were located throughout the country, with the recent acquisition of the ones placed in Baracoa and San Antonio del Sur and the placement of nine stations to measure the ground movement in the latter municipality, the one with highest quake risks in the country.


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