Cuba develops new sustainable agriculture program

Havana, Cuba, Jul 28.- A new sustainable agriculture program is underway in Cuba aimed at enhancing the production-commercialization chain.Funded by European Non-government organizations, such as the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency and the Dutch Humanistic Institute for Cooperation, the project was launched nine months ago in four entities in seven Cuban provinces, particulary in the areas of apiculture and the development of fruits and vegetables.

Program director, Juan Perez Lamas told the Cuban News Agency that actions included in the  Project in Support of Sustainable Agriculture are underway in all agriculture modalities on the island, including state farms.

As immediate benefits yielded by the project, Perez referred to the setting up of small processing plants at citrus fruit farms, which are expected to start operations later this year, since all the necessary equipment is already on the island.

The project also includes the certification of organic productions, which do not take chemicals as fertilizers or pest control agents.(ACN)

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