Cuba Develops 28 Bio-medicines to Treat Cancer

th[10]Havana, Feb 4 (Prensa Latina) Cuba has provided some 28 products, registered or in stages of research, to treat cancer, including therapeutic vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, interferons, and peptides. Cuban scientists seek to develop Immunotechnology in the Caribbean country, with a view to achieve more effective treatment for different kinds of cancer, according to the biological characteristics of each tumor.

The purpose is that the affliction becomes at long-term a manageable chronic disease, Dr. Rolando Perez Rodriguez, of the Center for Molecular Immunology, said at a Havana’s international seminar on the use and development of isotopic industry products for Health, organized by the Center of Isotope (Centis).

Perez stressed that biopharmaceuticals should have in coming years an increasing impact on the goal of turning advanced cancer into a manageable chronic disease at long term, with an acceptable quality of life.

Of 28 biopharmaceuticals, registered or under development in Cuba to treat cancer, 10 of them are therapeutic vaccines and eight are monoclonal antibodies.

Those projects from the Caribbean island also has interferons, growth factors, monoclonal antibodies, and two therapeutic vaccines.

New vaccines, antibodies and peptides are even in registration phase at the moment, the professor said.

Scientists of Nuclear Medicine in Cuba exchanged on prospects and challenges of that industry with those colleagues and representatives of companies and institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and Europe.

Professionals from several countries, including Italy, Germany, USA, Hungary, Spain, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and El Salvador, are attending the event, running until tomorrow at this capital’s Riviera Hotel.

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