Cuba denounces US responsibility for 2021 riots

Havana, Jul 10 (Prensa Latina) The Granma newspaper, the official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba, published an article on Monday in which it denounced the US Government’s direct responsibility for the riots of July 11 and 12, 2021.

It emphasized that the causes of the protests were the tightening of the blockade amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and that individuals and groups based on the United States were openly inciting and financing violations of the law, including actions of violence, looting, assault and aggression.

In addition, the publication recalled that during the previous weeks, a campaign of disinformation and slander was launched from the US on social networks.

The text is mainly based on the book ‘Cuba, a failed soft coup,’ by Doctor of Science Manuel Hevia Frasquieri, who defined the violent street riots in the summer of 2021 as ‘a typical subversive operation secretly directed by the CIA and the US intelligence community.’

The experienced analyst timely denounced that what happened at the time was part of a strategy to cause a so-called regime change, which remains valid in its approaches, objectives and tasks in the field, in correspondence with more than 400-million-dollar programs executed against Cuba since 2008, inside and outside the country.

In accordance with its forecasts, Washington appeals to lies and cynicism to include Cuba on any list that discredits it, isolates it and allows it to justify its policy of encirclement and asphyxiation to provoke a social explosion as soon as possible.

The article recalled how the White House unscrupulously tried to take advantage of the difficulties generated by the pandemic to attack Cuba with more force, to intensify coercive measures and to try to achieve its destructive objectives.

As an example, Granma said that during 2023, more than 300 calls for action against the Cuban Government have been registered from the United States and other countries, all of them aimed at creating the perception of a favorable scenario to repeat the attempt at a ‘soft coup’ against Cuba.

The newspaper noted that the slander promoted by the White House, related to the events it sponsored in 2021, are used by that government as a pretext to maintain the policy of maximum pressure and reinforcement of the measures of the economic blockade against Cuba.

The article explained that contrary to the falsehoods promoted by the United States, those detained during those events two years ago were proven to have participated in vandalism or actions that altered public order and that no person was punished for demonstrating peacefully, nor were minors punished.

Faced with a scenario in which Washington and its mercenaries instigate violent acts with the purpose of provoking a police response and staging a media show to multiply the erroneous image of ungovernability, social instability and fostering destabilization, the text added that the main antidote is the unity of the huge majority of Cubans.


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